Eugenia Daneri is a highly respected photographer who has combined her interest and passion for different cultures, imagery and news, working as a photojournalist and fine artist, documenting a broad array of subjects such as the gauchos of the Argentinean Pampa, landscapes, art interiors, objects, photo-advertising, life-style and landscape.

Born and raised in Argentina, her passion for people and photography has taken her to many countries around the world from Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Guatemala, to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica and the Puna Argentina.

During her twenties she moved to Paris. It was here that her career took off and she further developed her skills at the “Paris Efet” (École Française d’Enseignement Privé) and attending summer courses at L’École Nationale de Photographie d’Arles. She created a large portfolio with powerful images, building up on what she had learnt with argentine photographers such as Facundo de Zuviría, Andy Goldstein and Alfredo Willimburgh.

During her five years in France, she worked as foreign correspondent for the argentine group Editorial Perfil, covering sports, politics, culture and social events for its well-known magazines Caras and Noticias.

Since then, her photos have been published in various print and online media.

Back in Buenos Aires, she has since worked for Para Ti and Para Ti Deco magazines, producing photos and writing features about well-known architects and designers from Uruguay and Argentina.

Versatile and eclectic, her enthusiastic spirit is conveyed in gripping images, evoking varied emotions, with her unique, authentic and intense sight.

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