“Through Eugenia Daneri´s images I have come across the beloved banks of the Rio de La Plata. I’ m fond of her pictures. They reflect the light and hidden spots of two remote countries I happen to love and know very well.
Her way of photographing the space, the diaphanous light, express the calm and melancholy of those places. Congratulations!”
Marcelo Isarrualde - Photographer and Architect

“Eugenia Daneri is a superb photographer. Her images capture the aesthetic and invoke the emotion of a place drawing us in, tantalizing us, piquing our curiosity. I would have Eugenia shoot any of my houses and/or store any day, any time.”
Claudia Benvenuto - Furniture and Interior Designer
Owner of “The Fainting Couch”
West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

"…Fine photos, good framing, very good use of the light. A very interesting work. I liked it a lot.”
Panta Astiazarán - Photographer
Photography Editor Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Central Office for Latin America.

"A stunning website which entices us to explore all its facets and small stories. The photographs are so beautiful in all their simplicity and the detail, they become like eye candy.
Eugenia Daneri's images present Uruguay and Argentina's places, houses, objects and people in such a wonderful and convincing manner that makes a foreigner like me look into the possibility of seeking it all out.”
Malin Bart. Curator and Art Institutional Director.
Stiftelsen 3,14 Art Gallery, Bergen, Norway